Supplementing your income Pt 2


You might already be a member and not know how people actually earn enough to buy anything. Or you might know nothing at all about Swagbucks. I am not an expert in any of these and I don't cheat the system. I do however make $25 a month that I use at to buy household things. This has been a huge blessing for us because I ship many things to my husband in Iraq. As long as I spend $25 the shipping is free. (saving me an additional $15 in shipping charges for having to send it myself!)

Here is how:

Sign up for an account.

After you have your account set up, download the toolbar. Ugh! I know, I HATE toolbars. However, this one I have learned to love because it provides me with so much $$. (I'll tell you how at the end.)
  • Log in everyday 1SB

  • Daily Poll (in earn tab) 1SB

  • Check Trusted Surveys (in earn tab) 1SB
  • NOSO (in earn tab) 2SB-you do not need to fill out the offers, just skip the offers to the end 
So in just a couple minutes a day you have already made 5SB. 

  • Fill out your profile (you will find these when you click on trusted surveys under where it says 'welcome back.' They are worth 5SB each. 
  • You can make SB by completing surveys. I don't qualify for many but 50-100 SB on occasion can start adding up. IF you want to spend the time doing it. 
  • Check the daily deals or ways to earn SB. Word of advice-if you don't need it don't buy it. It doesn't do much good to earn a $5 gift card on something you spent $20 for unless it was something you already needed. The gift card then becomes a bonus. 
  • Check out ways to earn free Swagbucks.  These might be listed on the home page or in the earn tab. As simple as signing up for a newsletter or watching a video. 
  • SBTV. Watch 10 short clips, get 3SB. You can do this 25 times a day to earn 75SB. Wow!
  • Search! This is where most of my SB come from. I use the search box in the tool bar and have my default search engine set to Swagbucks. If I need to go to a website I type it in the search bar instead of going there directly. It's an extra step but completely worth it. 
  • If you're on Facebook, find their page and 'like' it. Sometimes codes are posted there or you are alerted to a code in the blog. 
  • Refer your friends! Once your friend is signed up you win whatever they do for a winning SEARCH. It adds up. You can win up to 1,000 SB from each friend's searches.  However, you can still do quite well without any referrals. 
  • COUPONS! If you use coupons then DO print them off from Swagbucks. After you use them and the company receives confirmation they are worth 10SB each!  I don't know how they track them but it works. I have gone to bed with just a few SB and woke up with enough to cash out just by using coupons.
Ready to give it a try? Sign up now. Yes, if you use that link you will be helping me and a huge thank you! I will earn up to 1,000SB from your winning searches.

Things you need to know:
You are not allowed to post Swagcodes for others to see. You can hint to where it is but not post it.

You are allowed five cash outs per month. I choose in $5 amounts because this seems to be the best value. There are many many many options. That is just the one that I choose.

When searching, search for what you normally would. You have a better chance of winning than copying searches from other. Natural is always better.

For more Do's and Don'ts go here.

More questions? Leave a comment and I will answer them the best I can.

Proof of one month's earnings.

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