Friday, May 13, 2011

Is it worth it?

The hype over extreme couponing is really fun. Except I don't believe it. I love the fact that there are more and more ways to get coupons, but they are not telling you the whole story.

Yes, you can save lots of money using coupons! No, you cannot save almost ALL of your grocery bill. There are things to buy that you just don't get coupons for. (Meat for example, maybe the occasional $1 off a pound of meat when you buy some charcoal.)

I have been using coupons for almost 30 years. When I have shopped ONLY for the coupon items I have saved a good 90% of my bill. In reality when I go to the store and buy everything on my list, I save 15-30%. That's still nothing to complain about. It's still money in my pocket.

So by all means take advantage of the coupon craze. Stock on up items you USE that will not go bad if you have 100 of them in your pantry. Don't use coupons to save 40cents off an item that you don't like. You're not gaining anything. Don't expect to walk out not having to pay anything.

Facebook is a great place if you want to 'like' all the manufacturers and couponing sites. Trust me, it WILL fill up your newsfeed and you might miss other things. But it is a great way to get good deals to increase your food/supply storage.

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  1. I just read this article. Very nicely put about extreme couponing (and the possibility it could ruin couponing for everyday couponers.)